Sunday, August 9, 2009

Designing and Stitching Art Quilts

When Julie Powell decided to blog about cooking, she cooked to blog and blogged to cook. Which came first?

I have quilted without a blog, but never without a cat. In fact, I don't know how to make a quilt without a cat pawing at the threads, beads, tape measures and other paraphernalia spread out as I work. I watch my thimble get batted across the table till it tumbles on the floor and rolls away. Tom's favorite pastime is toppling things. And reclining on the ironing board to survey the world.

Feel free to add a thread.....

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  1. Argggg. I ddidn't have a blog site, so I created one.
    Your site is cool. Nice of you to give JUST AS MUCH credit to your collaborator (Tom) as yourself. So unselfish, as you are, of course.
    How lucky to have such an indefatiguable dude to help with your creations! ("Hmmmm. I wonder what color to use as a background for this panel? Oh, yes.... that's it! Thanks, Tom.")